Shimano Motor Tuning

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Shimano Motor Tuning

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  The Japanese company Shimano is without a doubt one of the most important manufacturers of high-quality bicycle components and accessories worldwide. Back in 2010, Shimano presented its first own e-bike drive system called “STEPS” (Shimano Total Electric Power Systems). Later, and exactly in 2014, Shimano released several new motors known as...

2022 Bosch Smart System Tuning (BES3) with the KIOX 300 Display

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In 2022 Bosch released the new Bosch Gen4 Smart System which Bosch call it the "BES3" and stands for "Bosch Ebike System 3". For the general public, the new Bosch Smart System is also known as the Bosch Gen5. The main focus on the development of the BES3 was to expand into the digital e-bike...

Ebike Motion Tuning

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The MAHLE Ebikemotion X35 engines are designed specifically for e-road bike. The innovative Ebikemotion X35 engine is a hub engine with only 40Nm of torque. In contrast to the conventional engines that provides assistance based on cadence or power input the Ebikemotion X35 outputs power based on how quickly the cassette is turning relative to...

Rocky Mountain Tuning

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Rocky Mountain e-bike are well known for their high quality of built and their extremely powerful engines which make them one of the best e-bikes ever. The first Rocky Mountain engine was developed in 2009 but only in 2012 with the release of the 2nd generation engine (Dyname 2.0) the first engine was mounted...