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The Giant engines were first introduced in 2017 with the release of the SyncDrive. The SyncDrive (70 Nm) is basically a Yamaha engine but with a completely redesigned software by Giant. The original software was optimised to deliver thrust with the first turn of the crank without any delay (Zero Cadence Support). Later on, the SyncDrive Pro engine was released to satisfy the requirement for the most demanding e-MTB riders. The SyncDrive Pro was based on the powerful Yamaha PW-X motor (80 Nm & 360% support). For e-bike designed for trekking & touring Giant developed a more dynamic engine SyncDrive Sport with 80 Nm of torque. The SyncDrive Life (60Nm) is the less powerful Giant engine.

In 2021, Yamaha released the new Yamaha PW-X3 motor which is smaller, lighter, and slightly more powerful that its predecessor. This new engine, which Giant renamed the SyncDrive Pro motor, delivers 85Nm of torque, an increase of 5Nm  over the previous motor, to be inline with the powerful range of the Bosch and Shimano motors.  However, the main advantage of the SyncDrive Pro is that the new motor is 10% lighter at 2.7 kg and 20% smaller. The design of the engine allows for an extra ground clearance of 37mm. Furthermore, the new drive unit system includes the RideControlGo, a new user interface built into the top tube to monitor the battery level and chosen motor support mode.

ON THE NOTE: The engine plugs of the new 2021 Giant SyncDrive Pro motor with RideControlGo have been updated and thus the Giant tuning pre-2021 are not compatible with the new Giant SyncDrive Pro motor.
For more information on the specification of tuning brands and compatibility with GIANT motors and models read our BLOG
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