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SpeedFun FURIOUS is an electronic and smart speed release device that needs no external power.
It is designed to circumvent the 25 KmH speed limit and allow for an increase in its active assistance up to speeds of 50 KmH making full use of the potential of the excellent Five F90 engine.

SpeedFun FURIOUS can be mounted very simply by interposing it between the speed sensor and the motor using original connectors that do not alter the characteristics of electrical resistance and water tightness.

Once the Furious device is installed and activated by pressing the “lights” button, the bicycle tachograph (in the ebike models in which it is present) will show halved speed and relative data making it possible, simply multiplying in mind by two, the calculation of the real speed and of the kilometers traveled. It is necessary to check the presence of the light button on the ebike control.

Furious for Five F90 Compatible only with 2020- 21 engines (Please refer to listing photos for speed sensor connectors type)

– Version on/off light for Five F90 with 2020 - 21 sensor : The device can be activated and deactivated comfortably by the light control of the ebike display. Compatible only with ebikes fitted with the 2020 -21 version speed sensor.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH FIVE F90 with sensor 2019 

It is important to check the sensor version to avoid problems of incompatibility of the Furious device with your engine. Before the purchase , please make sure to check your speed sensor connector shape.

Ebike with Five F90 engine where the FURIOUS device was successfully installed
(this list is illustrative and not exhaustive)

– Italwin Eagle Five F90

– Italwin Trail advanced

– Italwin Eagle+ Plus

– Italwin Trail Advanced

– Italwin Trail ultra

– Italwin Eagle

– Italwin Pearl

– Italwin K2 MAX



– It can be assembled/disassembled at any time

– It doesn’t need any destructive modification to the original parts of the bicycle

– Allows you to reach speeds with active assistance even 50 kmH

– Installable in minutes, ready to use, plug and go!

– Suitable for all Five F90 engines fitted in Italwin and other builders
– Activated and deactivated by the “lights” command of the ebike

– It does not need batteries or external power supply.