SpeedBox 2.0 for YAMAHA PW-X, PW-SE, PW-TE, PW-X2, PW-ST


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Unlock the speed limit of your electric bike with a Yamaha tuning dongle kit.  
Unleash the full speed of your ebike engine and ride it like a derestricted e-bike should be!

Compatible with all Yamaha engines such as PW-X, PW-SE, PW-TE, PW-X2, PW-ST.

The SpeedBox tuning fully unlock the speed limit of your ebike allowing for speeds up to +99 km/h. All data on the display remain correct: current speed, average and maximum speed, distance, and etc. The SpeedBox can be switched ON or OFF by just pressing the WALK or the LIGHT button on the control unit.

The SpeedBox is manufactured with high quality certified automotive industry components. The tuning hardware is completely sealed and protected by a rigid casing which guarantee for toughness, impermeability, and thus hardware longevity. Each SpeedBox is tested several times during and after the manufacturing process. Thanks to these high quality standards the SpeedBox comes with a Lifelong warranty. 

The SpeedBox tuning chip comes with original plugs and colour-coded wires for an easy and perfect fit. Installation manuals and videos provide step by step detailed instructions and are easy to follow and understand. The SpeedBox does not require any diagnostic tool for installation. 

After installation, the tuning is activated by pressing the WALK or the LIGHT buttons.
2017-18 display models will show a value of 9,9 km/h (6,2 mph) for approx. 3 seconds when activated.
2019 to date display models will show a value of 9 km/h (6 mph) for approx. 3 seconds when activated. 

To operate the SpeedBox and lights separately, use a combination of '↑↓↑↓' buttons. By pressing the arrows in this order the SpeedBox can be activated /  deactivated at any time and independently of the lights control. 

NOTE:  If you are planning to install SpeedBox on a brand-new bike, make sure you ride it for at least 1 -2 km before installing the tuning.

Instruction manual video
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The operation of modified electric bike on public roads may be against the law in some countries. The seller takes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of tuning products. Electric bikes equipped with tuning products can be used exclusively on private property and entirely at one’s own risk. The use of tunings may void the warranty of your e-bike. We strongly recommend using safety features and protective gear to prevent injuries at higher speeds.