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Tuning module for e-bikes / pedelecs with Yamaha PW-X / PW-X2 / PW-SE / PW-ST / PW-TE / PW-CEdrive system of all model years. It works with all displays. 

The device is installed invisibly on the drive motor from the outside. No cables have to be damaged or modified, the module is simply plugged in. The tuning is only 37x19x9 mm and completely waterproof. 

No PC or smartphone is required. All settings are made conveniently via the display on the bike.

The ability to set the speed limit, the speed limit behaviour and the wheel circumference via the display is unique.

In contrast to the almost complete elimination of the motor's limitation in other tuning modules, with this module you can still achieve a very sporty driving style with moderate battery consumption by slightly increasing the limit, for example to 32km / h. In order to reduce the very abrupt interruption of the motor support at the speed limit, the speed limit range can be expanded to double the speed range.

The module also supports S-Pedelecs and pedelecs throttled to 20km / h. 

Tuning can be switched on and off via handlebar buttons.
The speed can be freely adjusted after switching on using the arrow keys in the range 25 - 45km / h. The last set value is saved.
The tuning is always switched off after switching on the bike.
Setting the "softer control behaviour" possible (dynamic mode). The otherwise very abrupt lowering of the speed limit is thereby significantly mitigated. The last setting is saved.

Adjustment of the wheel circumference possible during setup. 
Correct display of speed, distance covered and average and maximum speed at all times.
With active tuning, the remaining range calculation takes into account not only the charge level of the battery and the selected support level, but also the current driving style / battery consumption. 
Correct total mileage of the bike even after removing the tuning module, as the kilometers are tracked in the engine control by the tuning module.
Supports pedelecs (25km / h), S-Pedelecs (45km / h), as well as bikes throttled to 20km / h.

Case dimensions: 37mm x 19mm x 9mm
Cable length: approx. 140mm
Weight: 0.025kg
Power consumption: 0.1W
Supply voltage: 5VDC
WEEE reg. No. DE35476192

Tuning module

Required tools
PW-SE / PW-ST / PW-TE: Allen key 3 & 6mm, ideally a torque ratchet
PW-X: Allen wrenches 3, 5 & 6mm, ideally a torque ratchet, chainring wrench

Video installation and operation Haibike FullSeven 6.0 (PW-SE with display X)





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