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 BOSCH: The Bosch engines were one of the first mid-mounted engines to be produced on a large scale. Thanks to their reliability and high performances they become very popular to the point that today they are the engines of choice for more than 50 e-bike manufacturers. It is not a surprise that the first tuning to be produced were designed to unlock these Bosch motors.

The first engine produced was the Bosch Classic Line (Gen1) up to 2014. The Gen2 engines Active Line and Performance Line (were produced from 2014) and the Performance Line CX (from 2015). The Gen3 engines Active Line Plus were first produced in 2017. The latest Gen4 engines Performance Line (+ CX) have been produced since 2020 and do have an integrated anti-tuning measure. All Bosch engines (Gen2, 3, and 4) from Firmware version onwards do require a tuning kit that can override the Bosch anti-tuning measures.

In our shop, all tuning devices are compatible with the latest Gen4 engines and FW including Gen3 and Gen2 (Bosch Active Line & Performance Line). The SpeedBox is one of the most popular tuning and the more advanced B.Tuning offers several appealing features such as Bluetooth connectivity, engine lock, and travel data recording. The Volspeed is an excellent tuning which is well known for its reliability and quality of built offering extra appealing features such as the adjustment of the engine behaviour and maximum speed adjustments for improved battery consumption. All these features can be controlled directly from the Bosch display. The badassBox is a contact-less tuning box that simply slide over the speed sensor and it is installed / removed in just few clicks. The SpeedFun Advanced Plus comes with 3 customised Torque setting which have been tuned for best engine performance. It also offer the engine lock option via display. 

All the above tuning overrides the Bosch Anti-tuning measures. We recommend to not exceed the 32 km/h speed for extended period of time. Do not perform any FW update until proven to be safe and compatible with the tuning device of your choice.

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