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 Pendix is a German company that launched their first engine in mid 2015. The Pendix eDrive system is a retrofit kit that can be used to upgrade conventional bicycles to real motorized e-bikes. The Pendix system has the advantage to be compatible with almost all bicycle frame types and circuit types. It can therefore be used with almost all bicycle models. There are now several versions of the Pendix eDrive kit such as the eDrive 150 (32Nm), eDrive 300 (50Nm), eDrive 500 and the eDrive 100 (65Nm). The latest Pendix generation is a gearless mid-engine. As for today, there is only one tuning available on the market to derestrict the Pendix engines with the old speed sensor shape. For this purpose, the badassBox is a contactless tuning box that simply slide over the speed sensor and it is installed / removed in just few clicks. It is compatible only if the magnet is located on the wheel spoke.

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