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 TQ is a German electronics specialist and technology service provider. The first TQ- HPR120S engine was launched in 2012. In 2018 the company launched the new HPR 120S engine which is one of the most powerful and compact e-bike engine currently available on the market. The engine is very light and small but extremely powerful with an impressive torque of 120 Nm which offer plenty of torque to climb even the steepest climb. TQ not only develops e-bike motors, but also complete e-bike systems - consisting of drive, power electronics, battery, sensors, connectivity, etc.

One of the first e-bike manufacturers to rely on the impressive TQ engines was Haibike, which equipped models from the Haibike FLYON series with the TQ mid-mounted engines.  Most of the components of the Flyon drive are from Haibike itself, but the engine was developed in collaboration with TQ. The result of this cooperation is one of the most powerful mid-mounted e-bike motors ever. With this engine you can almost "fly" over the trails - the name " Flyon ""is therefore well chosen! In our shop you can find the most suitable tunings to unleash  the full potential of these extraordinary engines.

As example, the SpeedFun is a very small tuning device that allows to exploit the full potential of these powerful engines allowing for speed up to 50 km/h. Another tuning, the MBTQ, is the smaller tuning in the TQ tuning range and make use of micro-controllers to manipulate the speed signal. The badassBox is a contactless tuning box that simply slide over the speed sensor and it is installed / removed in just few clicks. It is compatible only if the magnet is located on the wheel spoke. 

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