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 The Ebikemotion X35 engines are designed specifically for e-road bike. The innovative Ebikemotion X35 engine is a hub engine with only 40Nm of torque. In contrast to the conventional engines that provides assistance based on cadence or power input the Ebikemotion X35 outputs power based on how quickly the cassette is turning relative to the hub. This design means the Ebikemotion X35 drive can be tricked into riding with basically no input from the rider. As long as you keep the cassette and hub turning together, the motor continues to push forward – there’s no torque sensor to detect your lack of pedalling input as the system operates based on the speed of your cassette in relation to how quickly the wheel is turning.

There aren’t many tunings available in today market to derestrict the X35. Here the SpeedFun does really a good job for its quality of built and for its slim feature.  

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