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 The Japanese company Shimano is without a doubt one of the most important manufacturers of high-quality bicycle components and accessories worldwide. Back in 2010, Shimano presented its first own e-bike drive system called “STEPS” (“Shimano Total Electric Power Systems”), consisting of a motor, battery, bike computer, chain and crankset.

 We have in store a wide range of tuning brands which are compatible with all the Shimano engines, models, and FW including the newest EP8 engines. The popular SpeedBox comes in several models which have been designed to be compatible with the E5000, E6000, E6100, E7000, E8000, EP8, and EP8-RS engines. The badassBox is a contactless tuning box that simply slide over the speed sensor and it is installed / removed in just few clicks, however it is compatible only if the magnet is located on the wheel spoke. The MBIQ tuning operates on the micro-controllers system technology which overrides the engine speed restriction parameters.

 All Shimano hardware tuning devices does not retain the displayed speed accuracy. In most cases, the displayed speed will be inaccurate at speed above the 20 km/h.

 Shimano is one of the fewer ebike engine manufacturers that allows accessing the ebike functions via Bluetooth connectivity. The e-bike functions and the setting of the engine parameters (modes) are easily adjusted on the screen of any mobile-phone device. Most of the Shimano displays are BT compatible. There are several software tuning apps that allows to derestrict the engine via BT connectivity. However, these tuning apps are not compatible with the recents Shimano FW updates. As for today, these tunings apps have been proven to be unstable and in most instance the installation requires to downgrade the FW to an older FW version. These software tuning programs are very basic since they work on the principle of increasing the wheel circumference parameters. 

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