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The Japanese company Shimano is without a doubt one of the most important manufacturers of high-quality bicycle components and accessories worldwide. Back in 2010, Shimano presented its first own e-bike drive system called “STEPS” (Shimano Total Electric Power Systems). Later, and exactly in 2014, Shimano released several new motors known as the E5000, E6000, E6100, E7000, and E8000 to accomodate for the specific requirements of urban, road, and the most demanding mountain bikes models. The less powerful of the Shimano motors is the E5000 which delivers a max torque of 40Nm, followed by the E6100 Cargo, E6100, E7000, and the E8000 motors which are more powerful delivering a max torque of 60Nm respectively.

In August 2020, Shimano announced the release of the EP8 motor with the most awaited torque increase of 21% (85Nm) to match the torque delivery of the most popular brands such as Bosch and Yamaha, The new EP8 motor is also 10% lighter and weight 2.6 kg, 300g lighter than the previous E8000 motor.

Then, in 2022 the EP6 or EP600 motor was released. The EP6 is 400g heavier (3.0 kg) than the EP8 motor but it is also cheaper. The weight increase and the price reduction is due to the material of the casing which is aluminium instead of the lighter and costly magnesium built of the EP8.

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