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The Japanese company Panasonic is a long standing international ebike manufacturer which in 1979 launched their first e-bike however, it was not until 1996 that their first pedal assist (Pedelec) was launched and which was sold only in Japan. Distribution for the European market started in 2020. In 2002 the first Lithium-ion powered ebike was launched which again was only sold in Japan. In 2012 and this time in Europe, the rear hub engine system (48V) was launched which was followed in 2013 by the launch of the one axel centre motor unit, and in 2014 by the launch of the front hub engine system. In 2016 Panasonic brought to the market the ‘Multi Speed Assist System’ and the “Semi-Integrated Design Battery. It was not until 2018 that the first Panasonic GX Ultimate engine (90Nm) was launched followed in 2019 by the GX Power (60Nm) and one year later, in 2020 by the GX Power Plus (75Nm).

 We do have in store the most popular tuning to derestrict the Panasonic 36V mid-mounted engines including the newest Panasonic Generation. The Speedbox 1.1 is compatible with all engines manufactured from 2020 onwards and it is easily installed. Another good tuning option is the badassBox which comes in several variants to accommodate for different speed sensor shapes. The badassBox is a contactless tuning box that simply slide over the speed sensor and it is installed / removed in just few clicks. It is compatible only if the magnet is located on the wheel spoke.

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