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Rubbee drive is a unique product for the market of electric bicycles. This one-piece system containing batteries, electronics and a motor can be attached to one's bicycle in only a matter of seconds. With the help of a custom polyurethane friction roller a regular bicycle can be transformed into electric one without using any tools. Having an electric bicycle has never been so easy.
When a yearly electric bicycle market growth of 12% is constrained by the high cost of electric bicycles the regular everyday users look into more reasonable alternatives that do not require to buy a whole bicycle. Until now retrofitting regular bicycles used to be a hassle and in most cases required a professionally trained personnel to carry it out. Not any more. With a patented quick release clamp system we were able to achieve a drive installation time of less than 10 seconds. Users are not required to use any tools or get their hands dirty. That means everyone can use the Rubbee to convert their bicycle into electric one. And with over 1 billion bicycles worldwide it is a huge market to fill in.
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