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The SpeedFun Ribelle Specialized Turbo levo and Turbo Kenevo derestrict your Specialized engine from 25 km/h to 60 km/h allowing you to exploit the full potential of the power of the engine. 

COMPATIBLE only with Specialized Turbo Levo and Turbo Kenevo equipped with Brose engine (officially Turbo 2.1 and  Turbo Full Power System 2.2) and with TCU (CTU1) and MasterMind TCU (TCU2).

The Specialized Ribelle tuning device always shows real speed and mileage on the display, if any, or app.

It can be activated or deactivated by pressing a simple sequence of keys directly from the ebike handlebar control. The activation and deactivation of the device is reported on the TCU.
The SpeedFun Ribelle measure only 49 x 16,5 x 7,5 mm. It is equipped with original connectors for maximum resistance and water tightness. The SpeedFun is specifically designed to be installed under the TCU making the installation quick and easy without having to dismantle the engine compartment to access the engine ports. 
Thanks to its particular operating algorithm the SpeedFun comes in operation when 16 km/h is reached without the cyclist noticing any difference in assistance, power losses, failures, or “hiccup” operations.
SPECIALIZED EBIKE with 2.1 and 2.2 ENGINES where the SpeedFun was successfully installed: 
Turbo Kenevo Expert – Turbo Kenevo Comp – Turbo Levo Hardtail Comp M5 – Turbo Levo Hardtail M5 –  S-Works Turbo Levo – Turbo Levo Pro – Turbo Levo Expert – Turbo Levo Comp M5 – Turbo Levo M5.



- Totally invisible

It does not alter the data on the display and is compatible with Specialized e-bikes equipped with TCU (CTU1) and MasterMind TCU (TCU2) (displays not included in the price)

It can be installed/uninstalled at any time thanks to the original connectors and measures only 49 x 16,5 x 7,5 mm

- Allows you to reach speeds with assistance activated even over 60 kmH

– Installable in a few minutes under the TCU, ready to use, plug and go!

– Suitable for Specialized e-bikes with 2.1 and 2.2 engines (officially “Turbo 2.1” and “Turbo Full Power System 2.2”)

– Can be activated and deactivated with a sequence of keys

– It self-learns the parameters of the e-bike, stores and maintains the desired settings

– Internal firmware upgradeable to any new algorithms developed by the SpeedFun team (the device must be sent)




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