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2022 Bosch Smart System Tuning (BES3) with the KIOX 300 Display

In 2022 Bosch released the new Bosch Gen4 Smart System which Bosch call it the "BES3" and stands for "Bosch Ebike System 3". For the general public, the new Bosch Smart System is also known as the Bosch Gen5. The main focus on the development of the BES3 was to expand into the digital e-bike smart networking system. In fact, the new engine is compatible with the" eBike Flow App" with the KIOX 300 display.

ENGINE PLUGS AND TUNING COMPATIBILITY: The new 2022 Bosch Smart System comes with completely new engine plugs which are rounded in shape. The previous generation of Bosch engines does have squared plugs and therefore are NOT compatible with the new Smart System motor ports. 

The Bosch Smart System is equipped with the KIOX 300 display (rounded plugs) See photo below


MAGNET ON THE AIR-VALVE: As for today, there are no tuning available for the Bosch System with the MAGNET on the AIR-Valve. Surely, the tuning manufacturers are working on a solution for this system. Just subscribe to our FaceBook group for updates on the release of tuning compatible with the magnet on the air-valve. 

The SpeedBox is a popular tuning brand well known in the electric bike tuning industry. Indeed, SpeedBox Bosch tunings are available and compatible with all Bosch motors and models on today market, including the latest 2022 Bosch Smart System motors with the KIOX 300 display. But there is more to add to the Bosch list of tunings since in 2022 SpeedBox released the more advanced B.Tuning series of tunings that connects with your mobile phone via Bluetooth connectivity. With the SpeedBox phone app now you can switch the engine on/off, lock the motor, save and share your trip data, monitor the speed, distance travelled, max speed, cadence, battery level, and much more. 

Another excellent tuning is the VOLspeed which has been on the market for very long time and are well known for their reliability and unique features. Indeed, with the VOLspeed apart from setting up the maximum assisted speed to improve battery consumption you can also adjust the engine behaviour for a smoother engine engagement and disengagement and thus improved handling capabilities on technical terrains. All this features can be programmed via the keys on the display.

SpeedFun was one of the first manufacturer of tuning on the market. The SpeedFun Smart System tuning completely remove the speed limitation of your engine. Real speed is displayed correctly only up to 16 kmh. Best value for money considering that there are not tuning for the BES3 that retain speed accuracy. 

The badassBox is a contactless tuning box that simply slide over the speed sensor and it is installed / removed in just a few clicks. badassBox Bosch models are compatible with several speed sensor shapes and speed sensor location on the rear sub-frame. Please check your bicycle speed sensor setup before choosing the badassbox model suitable with your bike configuration.


The Bosch Smart System is a more complex and advanced drive unit than its predecessor which does not allows to program the tuning to communicate with the engine software as for previous engine. For this main reason, the displayed speed will be inaccurate with the basic tuning method. If the accuracy of the speedometer is important for you then the only tuning solution available is the SpeedBox B.tuning version which display the correct travelled speed directly on your mobile phone. 

VOLspeed Bosch Smart System Speed is limited to 45 km/h. Displayed speed is not accurated. Allows to modify the engine behaviour. Allows to set up the maximum assisted speed

Speedbox 1.0 Bosch Completely remove the speed limitation. Retains speedometer accuracy up to 22 kmh then speed will displayed on the last two digit (23.1 will correspond to 31 kmh) 

Speedbox 1.0 B.TUNING Bosch Phone connectivity, engine on/off, lock the motor, save and share your trip data, monitor the speed, distance travelled, max speed, cadence, battery level, and much more. Completely remove the engine speed limitation. Speed accuracy is displayed via the phone app.

SpeedFun Smart System Again, the SpeedFun were the first to release a tuning for the new Bosch Smart System. The SpeedFun completely remove the speed limitation of your engine. Real speed is displayed correctly only up to 16 kmh.

badassBox 4 Bosch Slim Sensor Compatible with the Bosch system with the magnet integrated on the brake rotor and the speed sensor integrated into the fork-end. This configuration requires the removal of the rear wheel and to to move the speed sensor on the chain-stay. The whole installing procedure should not take more than 5 -10 minutes. Maximum assisted speed is limited to 50 km/h. Instructions for the installation can be found here badassBox 4 Bosch Slim Sensor 

If you are still unsure which tuning is compatible with your engine just send us a message via our website chat box. We are here to help you out! 


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