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YAMAHA: These engines were first produced in 2014 and since then they have been used to equip many e-bikes brands. The first Yamaha PW (Powerdrive) engine was light and compact with a power output of 70 Nm. In 2017, the new Yamaha PW-X engine was released with was specifically designed for e-MTB usage. This engine was even lighter and more powerful than its predecessor (80 Nm) and was equipped with an additional support level for climbing steep hills. In 2018 the Yamaha PW-SE (Powerdrive-Sport Edition) was released. The Sport Edition engine could be positioned between the PW and the PW-X models. The PW engines have been constantly optimised and several model have been released through the years including the PW-X, PW-X2, PW-ST, PW-TE, PW-CE, and PW-SE

In 2021, Yamaha released the new Yamaha PW-X3 motor which is smaller, lighter, and slightly more powerful that its predecessor. This new engine delivers 85Nm of torque, an increase of 5Nm over the previous motor, to be inline with the powerful range of the Bosch and Shimano motors. However, the main advantage of the PW-X3 is that the new motor is 10% lighter at 2.7 kg and 20% smaller. The design of the engine allows for an extra ground clearance of 37mm.

Ebikes Parts and Accessories has in store the most popular and reliable tunings on the market compatible with the Yamaha PW-X, PW-X2, PW-ST, PW-TE, PW-CE, PW-SE, and PW-X3 motors.


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