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 BROSE: These efficient, compact, and light engines are developed and manufactured in Berlin (Germany) since 2014. The tunings on this page are compatible with the latest Brose Drive T, S, C, S MagX. The SpeedFun Furious is a very small tuning device that allows to exploit the full potential of these powerful engines allowing for speed up to 50 km/h. Once activated the speed and data will be displayed halved. The PearTune MSO completely derestrict the engine and the accuracy of the speed is retained. The badassBox is a contactless tuning box that simply slide over the speed sensor and it is installed / removed in just few clicks. It is compatible only if the magnet is located on the wheel spoke. Speed accuracy is not retained. For Brose engines that have been built in Specialized engines we have created a separate category ( Specialized) 

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