OLIeds - AM80
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OLIeds - AM80

The Italian company OLI eBike Systems develops and manufactures complete e-bike drive systems, consisting of a motor unit, display, control unit, battery, etc. The range of the Italians includes various Pedelec engines for different areas of application. The basic MOVE engine (50 Nm) was primarily designed for use on e-city bikes and e-trekking bikes whereas the MOVE PLUS (80 Nm) is a more sporty engine and thus designed to be mounted on performance ebikes. One of the main characteristics of the OLIed engines is the ZERO EFFORT mode, which provides powerful support even with low pedal pressure. The top model among the OLI e-bike drives systems is the SPORT motor with 85 Nm of torque which is also very suitable for use in e-mountain bikes. OLI drives are installed in various e-bike brands, including Olympia, Atala, mbm, and Armony. 

There are not many tuning systems to derestrict these engines however, the SpeedFun here does extremely well since it has proved to be a reliable tuning for the OLIed engines.