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Rocky Mountain e-bike are well known for their high quality of built and their extremely powerful engines which make them one of the best e-bikes ever. The first Rocky Mountain engine was developed in 2009 but only in 2012 with the release of the 2nd generation engine (Dyname 2.0) the first engine was mounted on an ebike, in this case it was mounted on an urban ebike. The first Altitude Powerplay, which is the 3rd generation of the Dyname engine was first released in 2017. in 2019, three more engines were added to the Dyname family - Altitude Powerplay, Instinct Powerplay, and Growler Powerplay.
In the late 2021, Rocky Mountain announced the release of the 4th generation of the Dyname engine (Dyname 4.0). The new drive system delivers the same torque as its predecessor (108 Nm) and it is 18.5% lighter. But there is more to add to this class-leading engine since the Dyname 4.0 drive unit has now a torque sensor that reads the tension applied to the chain allowing the engine to gradually reach maximum power without unwanted lag time. In addition to this, a new torque curve has been developed which allows the engine to reach maximum power at lower rpm (85 rpm).
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