VOLspeed for BOSCH Smart System


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Unlock the speed limit of your electric bike with a Bosch SpeedBox tuning dongle kit. Unleash the full speed of your ebike engine and ride it like a derestricted e-bike should be!

Compatible with all Bosch drive systems that are equipped with the Smart System and whose motor support ends at 25km/h ex works. Only bikes that are equipped with a rim magnet are not supported by the tuning. The smart system is easiest to recognise by the display type INTUVIA 100 or KIOX 300 or by the LED remote control unit or the system controller.

It is best to use the following selection aid to select the right tuning

NOT COMPATIBLE: Bikes with rim magnets are not supported.

• Automatic initialization, ready for use immediately after installation. No time-consuming calibration required.
• The tuning can be conveniently switched on or off using the buttons on the control panel.
• After switching on, the speed limit can be set freely in the range of 25 - 45km/h using the plus/minus button. The value set last is saved.
• The tuning is always switched off after switching on the bike.
• It is possible to set a "softer curtailment behaviour" (dynamic mode). This significantly softens the otherwise very abrupt deceleration at the speed limit.

• Individual activation code adjustable.

CAUTION: When tuning is activated, from 21km/h the speed displayed is too low and the distance measured is too small. The mileage is therefore too low after using the tuning.

The device is installed invisibly on the drive motor from the outside. No cables need to be damaged or modified, the module is simply plugged in and is immediately ready for use.

No PC or smartphone is required. All settings are made conveniently via the display on the bike.

• Case dimensions: 37mm x 19mm x 9mm
• Cable length: about 140mm
• Weight: 0.017kg
• Power consumption: 0.2W
• Supply voltage: 12VDC

• tuning module
• Installation and operating instructions
• 2 cable ties

We generally advise against software updates of the Bosch drive system after installing a tuning module. It cannot be guaranteed that the tuning module will also be compatible with future software versions of the drive system.
You can find an overview of the currently tested software versions here: