SpeedFun OLi for OLI and AM80 Atala motor



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What is SpeedFun RIBELLE?
SpeedFun RIBELLE is an electronic and smart speed release device that needs no external power.

It is designed for use with OLIEDS, Oli Move Plus, Oli Move Sport and AM80-Atala, to circumvent the 25 KmH speed limit and allow for an increase in its active assistance up to speeds that can exceed 60 KmH (info) by exploiting the motor’s power to the full.

SpeedFun REBEL always shows real speed and mileage on display.

SpeedFun RIBELLE is equipped with a self-learning system to store all the parameters of the ebike on which it is mounted. Therefore no setting is necessary. Only a short initial sequence and then you can only think about having fun!

Speedup RIBELLE is assembled in a very simple way interposing it between the speed sensor and the motor and between the Display and the motor using original connectors that do not alter the characteristics of electrical resistance and watertightness.

The operation system starts operating only when the 16 kmH is reached, progressively reducing with a particular algorithm the communication of the wheel revolutions to the engine without the cyclist noticing any difference in assistance. It does not intervene in any way at low speeds. This is an important precaution designed not to vary the parameters of the engine intervention at the restart and in important climbs, (which are the critical and most delicate moments for an engine) thus leaving intact the parameters studied and optimized by the manufacturer, and thus avoiding loss of power, failures or “hiccup” operations that instead occur with the release systems of other manufacturers.

SpeedFun RIBELLE can be activated and deactivated with a sequence of keys (see here). A feedback is shown on the display, if present, each time the activation or deactivation status is changed.

Ebike with OliEDS or AM-80 engine where the RIBELLE device was successfully installed
(this list is exemplary and not exhaustive)

– Armony Imola
– Armony Sestriere Evo
– Armony Campione Pro
– Olympia E-Country
– Olympia E2
– Olympia EX 900 Sport and EX 900 Karbo Sport
– Olympia Performer 900 Sport
– Olympia Explorer 900
– Olympia Speedster man and Speedster comfort

– MBM Titania
– MBM Maui
– MBM Maui Lady
– MBM Oberon
– MBM Plus Metis
– MBM Metis

– Atala B-XGR 8
– Atala B-Cross 500
– Atala B-Cross 400
– Atala B-Easy S
– Atala B-Easy
– Garelli Audax xc 005

The main features

– Shows real speed and mileage display.

– It can be dismantled and reassembled at any time

– It does not need any destructive modification to the original parts of the bicycle

– It allows to reach speeds with assistance activated even over 50 kmH (info)

– Installable in a few minutes, ready to use, plug and go!

– Suitable for OLIEDS, Oli Move Plus, Oli Move Sport and AM80-Atala

– Activated and deactivated with a sequence of keys (see here)

– Auto-learns the parameters of the ebike, memorizes and maintains the desired settings

– Internal firmware upgradeable to any new algorithms developed by the SpeedFun team. (It is necessary to send the device)