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What is SpeedFun Ghost tuning for Ebikemotion X35?
SpeedFun Ghost is an electronic and intelligent tuning device that does not need any external power supply.
It is designed to circumvent the speed block at 25 kmH allowing to increase the active assistance of the X35 Ebikemotion engine.
Due to the constructive characteristics of this type of motor it is possible to reach speeds of about 29/30 KmH depending on the ebike models.

This tuning for Ebikemotion X35 is active right from installation and if an app or display is connected, the distance and speed data will be indicated falsified. Assistance is slightly reduced beyond 25 KmH.

The tuning for Ebikemotion x35 SpeedFun Ghost is available in two versions:

– Version slim: this round section version measures ∅14 x 170 mm and is slightly flexible. It can be inserted partially or totally inside the tubes in the frame or be fixed externally. This version is the most used and adaptable to most ebikes.

Ebike with Ebikemotion X35 engine where the Ghost tuning device has been successfully installed
(this list is illustrative and not exhaustive)

– Bianchi Aria
– SuperSix EVO Neo 3
– Bianchi Aria E-Road (to install the device you need to remove the cover that goes from the battery to the engine)

– Orbea Gain
– Orbea Vibe H10, H10 Mud e H10 EQ
– Orbea Vibe H30, Vibe H30, H30 Mud e H30 EQ
– Olmo e.vento sport
– SuperSix EVO Neo 3
Pinarello Dyod


– Ultra fast installation and uninstallation. Plug and play!
– Equipped with connectors does not require any modification to the original parts of the ebike
– The engine will assist up to a maximum speed of 29/30 KmH
– Suitable for Ebikemotion X35 engines mounted by many ebike manufacturers
– Does not need external batteries or power supply

Assistance: Increases assistance up to 30 Km/h approx. (about 17% more)
Dimensions and weight: The device measures 15 x 18 x 115mm and weighs approx 30g.
Data on the display (or app): Shows the speed data (speed, trip, total km etc.) falsified on the display or on the app
Compatibility: Compatible with Ebikemotion X35 engines
Activation / Deactivation: Device always active from the moment of installation
Version: Version slim