Speedbox 1.2 B.Tuning for SHIMANO E8000, E7000, E6100


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Unlock the speed limit of your electric bike with a Shimano SpeedBox tuning dongle. Unleash the full speed of your e-bike engine and ride it like a derestricted e-bike should be!

- EP8 Engine
- SHIMANO E6000 Engine
- Motor E5000
- Satellite System ON/ OFF Switch
- Di2 (electronic gear shifting system)

The "+ E-Tube port" variant is intended for e-bikes without a free E-Tube port - usually e-bikes with one of these components:

Activation/deactivation: SpeedBox App/ LIGHT
Maximum speed: unlimited
Display shows: real values up to 23 km/ h, then the actual values are only displayed in the SpeedBox App
Compatible with: SpeedBox App

This tuning chip is also very easy to control. If the lights are turned off, SpeedBox is activated. The chip can be easily deactivated by turning on the lights. A new feature in this SpeedBox version is the possibility of activating the double-click function in the app (only for displays that have a LIGHT button - E5003, E5000, E6010, E6100). By activating this function, the lights become independent of tuning. By double-clicking on the LIGHT button, the lights will flash, and the tuning will turn on. If you double-click on the button again, the tuning will turn off and the e-bike will work the same as without a chip.

You can set the maximum speed limit in the app.

SpeedBox App is an application specially designed for SpeedBox 1.2 B.Tuning, which uses Bluetooth technology to connect your e-bike to your mobile phone. After downloading the application and connecting your mobile phone to your e-bike, you will see current data and trip parameters displayed on your phone. You can store your trips, compare the results with friends and monitor your performance and progress. Thanks to that, you may fully enjoy the ride and leave the performance data analysis for later.

-Tuning control
- Activating the "double-click tuning control" function
- Speed limit setting
- Saving and viewing your trips
We recommend downloading SpeedBox App to your phone before ordering the SpeedBox 1.2 B.Tuning chip. You can try out our demo version and get to know all the awesome features and, at the same time, make sure that the application is fully functional on your phone. To connect to the SpeedBox B.Tuning chip, your phone needs to be equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

We use original connectors for the production of SpeedBox chips ensuring that the installation process is very simple and the chip is connected properly. We have also prepared detailed instructions and videos to make installation easy for you. Disassembly of the tuning chip is just as easy. If you have any troubles with installation or disassembly, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are planning to install SpeedBox on a brand-new bike, make sure you ride it for at least 1 km before the chip is activated.