RIMPACT ORIGINAL PLUS INSERT SET (Mullet) 29+27.5+ 44mm valves

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Contents Per Pack: 
- 2 x PLUS Size Tyre Inserts 29 + 27.5+ 
- 2 x 44mm Rimpact Unblockable Valves or Peaty's Valves Black

Suitable for rims with an inner diameter of 35mm - 45mm and tyre widths 2.6" - 3.0". It is possible to use the insert with narrower or wider tyre but it will increase the difficulty of fitting. Do not purchase if your rims are out side of this spec, we have an Original version better suited to narrower rims.

Use about 25% more sealant than recommended on the bottle to ensure the extra surface area of the insert is coated with plenty of fluid to spare. Our inserts are closed cell and cannot absorb liquid however some sealant will cling to the outside of the insert requiring a slightly higher dosage. It can be injected through Rimpact Valves or poured directly into the tyre.

Weight: approx. 138g per insert for 29" and 125g approx. for 27.5".

Please follow installation instructions prior to fitting/removing.

Disclaimer: It is not advised to run air pressures outside that of the tyre manufacturers recommendations. Failure to do so may result in injury or the premature failure of the bicycle. Rimpact does not accept any responsibility for misuse of the Rimpact insert or improper installation. Rimpact Inserts are designed to work WITH Rimpact unblockable valves.

Not included: Tyres, Wheelset.