MBTQ for Haibike FLYON



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The MBTQ for TQ HPR 120S mid-mounted motors, such as the one installed in Haibike Flyon e-bikes, comes as a plug-in solution with small installation space and easy installation.

Compared to similar products, the MBTQ does not require a separate power supply and therefore only requires two connections.

The supplied compact button for switching on / off and programming can optionally be connected via a further connection.

(The supplied button is optional and does not have to be installed!)

In this case, the existing speed sensor consists of a pulse / rotary encoder disc, which is installed on the brake disc; a special sensor records the rotary impulses and passes them on to the motor.

The MBTQ is integrated into the line of this sensor. It has the right connectors as they are already available so that it can be easily inserted.
It is compatible with the common motor firmware of the manufacturer and is based on a microcontroller.
The current speed profile is analyzed, processed and, when tuning is activated, manipulated values ​​are output.

(The speed display shows correct values ​​up to approx. 23kmh and then remains constantly below 25 km / h!)


  • "anti tuning" ready

Compatible with the common motor firmware of the manufacturer. The manipulated values ​​do not affect the evaluation of the engine software. 


  • highly integrated electronic

Thanks to the highly integrated electronics, tuning takes place in the smallest of spaces. No additional power supply / battery is required for operation.



E-bikes of the Haibike Flyon series: XDURO -





- ...

(tested up to FW V1.5.137)


(not in combination with a simple spoke magnet -> e.g. M1)


  • No power supply required -completely maintenance-free
  • Very easy installation- the tuning is simply plugged between the existing sensor cable and motor and can be removed again if necessary.
  • Compatible connectors- the tuning has the same connectors for an optimal connection.



Connection type

plugged in, between sensor and motor

Connection length

approx. 5 cm + 1 m push button cable


manipulated values ​​(from approx.> 22kmh)

Can be switched on / off

yes, programmable

Working principle

Speed ​​manipulation (no halving)


approx. 6 g (without button)

Power supply

none necessary (is passively supplied via the sensor path)



The current speed profile is analyzed, processed and, when tuning is activated, manipulated values ​​are output. As a result, when driving> 25 km / h on the display, the speed indicator "freezes" at approx. 23 km / h (depending on the model). There is no halving of the speed (as with some other products) !

(the total kilometers are correspondingly lower for this area)