Levociraptor 2 BROSE - SPECIALIZED (Bluetooth) for LEVO SL, CREO SL, KENEVO SL,VADO SL (2019-22) with Bluetooth


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NEW Generation of the popular LEVOCIRAPTOR with connection via Bluetooth.

COMPATIBLE with all models with a TCU in the top tube such as:

Levo 2019-2022 with 1.1 Brose Specialized motor
Kenevo 2020-2021 with 1.1 Brose Specialized motor
Levo SL with 1.1 Brose Specialized motor
Creo SL with 1.1 Brose Specialized motor
Vado SL with 1.1 Brose Specialized motor

Can installed and removed in less than 1 minute.
The Tuning is completely hidden into the frame.

Removes speed limits up to 72 Km/h

Speed accuracy is retained.

5 different speed limits selectable via Bluetooth with dedicated free App “Levociraptor. (currently available on Android, in development for IOS)
Firmware updatable via smartphone.

Additional features when using the paid BLEvo App
- 5 Speed settings selectable Via App
- Barometer* for altitude calculation and Thermometer* for logging ambient temperature.
- Crash detection* with message notification with GPS position
- Automatic restore of the speed restriction after crash*
- Interaction with the SmartPower of BLEvo to allows a significant improvement in reactivity and fluidity in the delivery of engine power* (Not for SL)

*Feature available only if the ride is recorded with BLEvo App, Blevo App. Not Compatible with 2022 Mastermind TCU, Levociraptor speed still adjustable Via Blevo
*Speed and distance values will not be correct on Mission Control or Mastermind TCU Screen
*2022 Models Compatible up to 57.5km/h

NOT COMPATIBLE with models without the TCU such as Como and Vado and with the following:

Turbo LEVO 2019-2021 with 2.1 Brose Specialized motor

Turbo KENEVO 2020-2021 with 2.1 Brose Specialized motor

Turbo LEVO Gen3 2022 with 2.2 Brose Specialized motor

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