Fazua container lid



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The container lid for Fazua was specially designed by SpeedFun to obtain a container for the Furious release device and, at the same time, to protect against splashes of water caused by the rotation of the wheel in the "connectors" area of the Fazua gear-box. Some ebikes are completely devoid of protections and in this case the cover is very useful. Some ebikes, for example Pinarello Nytro, are equipped with a cover which unfortunately must be removed if you want to place the device in the convenient front-connector area.
The Furious device could also be placed above the gear-box, inside the cavities of the frame, but this operation requires a little more dexterity to remove the gear-box itself. The container lid is therefore not essential in this case.
The container lid is available separately and is not supplied with the device.
The container lid is made of PLA printed with a 3D printer and must be fixed with the two screws supplied by replacing the existing screws of the gear-box. Due to the nature of the object and how it is produced, we cannot guarantee a perfect execution and aesthetic finish.
We have also created a specific version of the container lid for Pinarello Nytro that includes a PLA corner that only has aesthetic functions of filling a surface that the particular Nytro frame would otherwise leave empty.

Ebike with Fazua engine where the container lid for Fazua has been successfully installed
(this list is illustrative and not exhaustive)
– Pinarello Nytro E-Road Bike
– Lombardo E-Mugello Road
– Cube Agree Hybrid C:62
– Whistle Flow
– Bianchi E-Doardo
– Fantic Passo Giau
– Focus Project Y
– Maserati MC Corse
– Focus Raven 2
– Focus Raven 2
– Whistle E-Road Flow
– Focus Paralane² e-road
– Boardman ADV 8.9E Adventure Electric Bike

– Discreet and doesn’t affect the bike line
– It can be assembled / disassembled at any time without leaving any trace
– Printed in PLA with 3D printer
– Doesn’t require any modification to the ebike
– Facilitate the installation of a speed release
– Suitable for Fazua engines