E-bike tuning Planet3 for ROCKY MOUNTAIN Altitude Powerplay C50


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Planet3 is a non-invasive tuning device that is easy to install and to remove since it is installed into the ebike rear wheel.

Thanks for its planetary mechanical gearing system approach the magnet travel 3 x time slower than normal allowing the engine to be derestricted for speeds up to 75 or 96 km/h.

Easy to install and to remove. Virtually no maintenance is required. 

PLANET3 is a planetary gear set which reduces the rotation speed of the magnet. For every three full rotations of the rear wheel, the magnet completes just one full rotation - effectively making the bike think it's doing 1/3 of the speed it is actually doing and thus it increase the pedal assist speed limit by a factor of 3. 



DT SWISS - Any hub with a simple 19 mm diameter end cap profile (Roval, DT Swiss, Syntace, Stan's NEO) .


NOT COMPATIBLE WITH HUB  SRAM MTH746 - Formula DHT-148S rebranded as SRAM-MTH746.

For SRAM MTH746 Please click HERE 



Stock - the brake rotor which comes stock on the bike.

Shimano XT - Shimano SM-RT76 or SM-RT86 two-piece rotor.

Hope Floating - Hope Floating two-piece rotor is compatible with the PLANET3 on Giant e-bikes.

Magura - Magura MDR-C or MDR-P rotors are within the allowed thickness at the 6-bolt interface.

1 x PLANET3 device consisting of sun gear, ring gear and planet gear (with magnet)
3 x M5x10 ISO 14580 bolt with pre-applied Loctite 268

Planet3 comes complete with the instruction manual.

For video tutorials click HERE.