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WARRANTY: 3 years

PowUnity or "BikeTrax" is a (hidden) GPS tracker device designed for motorcycles. In the event of theft, This GPS tracker allow you to precisely locate the position of your motorcycle throughout Europe including Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland.
The PowUnity "BikeTrax" system consists of a GPS tracker, SIM card, and a mobile app. The PowUnity GPS Tracker is integrated into the European data network by the SIM card. The  motorcycle can be precisely pinpointed in case of theft.

Furthermore, the 2021 update allows to record into the mobile app the the motorcycle model, frame number, and purchase details. In case of theft, this data can be forwarded to the police in a digital format (or as a printout) along with the transmitted GPS location of your stolen motorcycle. Thus, the police can use the transmitted data to retrieve the stolen motorcycle. 

On the note: There have already been many cases in which stolen motorcycles could be returned to the real owners thanks to PowUnity. 

The PowUnity GPS Tracker is installed anywhere on your motorcycle and therefore is not visible from the outside. The GPS tracker connects directly on motorcycle battery. The cable required for installation is included into the package.
Installation is extremely simple an do not require more than 10 minutes.  

After installation, you can easily activate the digital theft protection via the PowUnity app. With the tracker in safety mode, if the  motorcycle is moved you will receive a mobile phone alarm along with the current location of your motorcycle. The location of your motorcycle will be constantly updated allowing for immediate intervention in the event of theft.

The GPS coordinates are constantly transmitted via GPRS and GSM. In the first year, the costs for data transmission are covered by PowUnity. After that, the costs are 3.95 euros per month. 

Important: If you use the motorcycle only on a certain time of the year, like summer, you can subscribe to a monthly plan only. 

The tracker is powered by the motorcycle battery. Should the thief remove the battery, the GPS tracker will continue to operate via an integrated additional battery (supplied into the package). This additional battery has a stand-by operation of 2 weeks (if the ebike is not moved), with active tracking the runtime is more than 12 hours.

POWUNITY BIKETRAX FOR MOTORCYCLES: Highest GPS accuracy so your motorcycle can be precisely localized across the EU including Norway, Switzerland, Iceland - A GPS tracker with integrated SIM card - connection cables - compatible with all motorcycles - An additional battery with a capacity of 1,000 mAh - Double-sided mounting adhesive for secure GPS tracker attachment - Suitable cable ties for fixing the connection cable - Free smartphone app - 100% waterproof - Made in Austria