badassBox BOSCH G4-SET



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Unlock the speed limit of your electric bike with a Bosch badassBox tuning box. The badassBox is the easier ebike tuning to install and remove. No wiring or engine cover removal required - just slide the badassBox over the speed sensor and you are ready to go! Unleash the full speed of your ebike engine and ride it like a derestricted e-bike should be!
Our newest and best e-bike tuning for all Bosch mid-mounted drives incl. 4th generation/2022. New streamlined casing with patented snap-lock fastening for even faster mounting and release. Even more robust thanks to a special potting compound from the automotive industry. New electronics for even greater range with a single AAA battery. A quality product designed and manufactured in Germany.
Attention, only the G4 Speed Sensor (first picture) is compatible with this set
If the integrated (in dropout) sensor has the shape of the sensor in the second picture (Bosch Sensor), then you need the badassBox 4 Bosch X-Set
If the Bosch Sensor (second picture) is mounted easily accessible on your chainstay, you only need a badassBox 4 Bosch.
The badassBox 4 Bosch G4-Set includes all the parts you need to mount the badassBox 4 on your Trek e-bike with Bosch mid-mounted motor and integrated G4 speed sensor:
badassBox 4 BOSCH
G4 Adapter
Spoke magnet with Thumb Screw 
With the badassBox 4 Bosch G4-SET you not only get all the necessary parts to tune your e-bike in one 'click', but you also save money.

The integrated Bosch Sensor is located in the area of the dropout.
To get to the sensor you have to dismount the rear wheel.

With the included button head screw you can screw (for this you need a 2.5 mm Allen key) the G4 speed sensor to the G4 adapter (1).

(2) A suitably cut pad made of self-adhesive elastic foam is included as an option. This pad can be glued to the G4 adapter to attach it to the chain stay without the risk of scratches.

With the enclosed cable ties (3), you can mount the G4 adapter including screwed G4 speed sensor at a suitable location on the chain stay (4), where it is possible to slide the badassBox over the adapter.

Slide the badassBox onto the adapter until it clicks into place.
Reinstall the rear wheel.

Mount the spoke magnet and align it with the edge of the badassBox housing. That's it. Have fun with your faster e-bike!