Archer D1x Trail Shifter with Paddle Remote - MTB Wireless Gear e-Shifter

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Archer Components is a small company from Santa Cruz in California that focus in manufacturing MTB wireless e-gear shifters. Over the years, Archer Components released several Archer M1x Trail models. Just recently, a new Archer Trail M1x and a new wireless e-paddle shifter has been released. The new Archer Trail M1x version comes now with an optimized battery management system with improved shifting speed, a most wanted feature when you are riding on challenging MTB terrains, and a new wireless e-paddle shifter. The new redesigned e-shifter comes now with just a single-ergonomic-paddle which is functional, easy to reach, ergonomic, and gives to the handlebar a cool look.
The complete e-shifter system can be installed in just few minutes even for a no-technical person.

The wireless e-Shifter can be programmed by using a smartphone app and is compatible with almost every Shimano or SRAM 1-way gear system on the market and it doesn't matter which rear derailleur is combined with which cassette.
One of the appealing feature is that the Trail M1x allow you to install a cassette with practically any number of gears without having to replace the whole gearing-shifting system. 

The system is powered by Li-Ion batteries which are exchangeable and easily purchased in any store. The charge level of the batteries can be checked at any time with the smartphone app or via the LEDs on the components.

The smartphone app allow you to set up a gear which the M1x will set before it runs out of power, so you are safe on your way home.

The D1x Trail is a programmable shifter.
The revolutionary technology behind the D1x transforms nearly any mechanical 1x drivetrain into a high performance electronic shifting machine.
The bike you rode today could be digitally tuned and shifting smoothly tomorrow.
Any number of gears, any rear derailleur. 1x, 2x, 3x, they all work great.

Bent your hanger or derailleur with a stick? The D1x has patented, on-the-fly individual gear adjustments to keep your shifting smooth.
Can’t find the right parts for an older drivetrain? Mix and match components and everything just works.
Want to shift multiple gears at once? Turn on Quick Shift and personalize how you traverse your cassette.

Don't know your shifter's pull ratio? Me neither!

Use the Archer app to quickly setup and tune your gears. No special tools or technical skills required.
Set the number of gears from 2 to 20 and dial in each gear position to 0.25mm precision.
Then use the app to gain total control of how your electronic shifter runs. EVERYTHING with the D1x Trail.

The D1x Trail adds high-performance electronic shifting to any rear derailleur. Get smooth, precise shifting no matter what you ride.

1x, 2x, 3x? SRAM, Shimano, Box, TRP? The D1x Trail plays nice with everybody!

Compatible with ANY rear derailleur
Up to 80 hours ride time
Weight: 235g
Designed, built and tested in Santa Cruz, California
Brand New for 2022 - Paddle Remote for MTB!

Micro-adjust enabled for on the fly adjustments
Fully sealed against the elements
Amazing ergonomics
Great haptic shift response
Durable, hydrophobic Cerakote surface finish
Paddle colour options:
MicroUSB rechargeable battery
Up to 50 hours of ride time
Remote weight: 35g (half the weight of AXS!)
MatchMaker compatible for easy installation
Left & Right mounting options available!