Tail It universal bicycle GPS tracker theft protection

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The Tail it GPS bicycle tracker precisely locate the position of your bicycle throughout Europe, US, Canada, South Africa, and countries that support the 2G network. 
The Tail it GPS tracker is hidden inside the bicycle handlebar which make it very difficult for unauthorised people to find. In addition, the GPS tracker is securely anchored inside the tube by a locking mechanism which make it even harder to tamper from the outside. For extra security, the bike tracker can only be removed with a special tool.

A bicycle tracker with global range!
The bicycle GPS gets location from satellites and cannot be compared with regular Bluetooth trackers. This means that you can follow the location of your bicycle from New York to Los Angeles and further down to Cape Town in South Africa. There is no limitation in distance between you and the tracker.

Millions of bikes are stolen each year!
Bikes are easy to steal. The National Bike Registry reports that 1,5 million bikes are stolen each year.  Thousands of bicycles disappear everyday in the United States and the insurance never covers the full cost of the bike. In fact, most bicycle insurances are reduced to 50% of the value after the first 3 years. If you have an expensive or special made bike, its critical if it get stolen.
It’s time to put an end to it, and the GPS bicycle tracker may help to do just that.

Tail it Bike GPS Tracker
The bicycle GPS Tracker uses a large ceramic antenna to get locations from satellites and a state-of-the-art GPS chipset that use both GPS and GLONASS (Russian) satellites to triangulate location.
In addition, the Tail it bicycle GPS tracker also includes a WIFI chipset and WIFI antenna to triangulate locations from WIFI routers indoor and in dense areas where the roof or tall buildings are blocking the sky. These two methods of location update will cross-check with LBS location to give you accurate location both outdoor and indoor.

The hardware

2-steps moulding of the inside housing part makes it completely dust and waterproof. the bicycle tracker have an IP rating of IP67 which means its 100% waterproof. This is more expensive than the normal way of producing products, but will leave you with a high quality product.
One size fits all
Since the base of the tracker is only 15mm wide with expansion out to 24mm and flexible, the tracker fits almost all bikes. The charging port is on the end so you don’t have to remove the tracker from the handlebar to charge it. And the power button is hidden inside the tube, so you’re not able to turn it off without removing the tracker with the special tool.

Stuck and steady!
The locking mechanism that is removed from the image above is made by elastic materials. This removes vibration for the electric part of the tracker and makes it impossible to remove. So even if someone discovers the tracker, they will never be able to remove it.

Motion detector
As soon as someone touches your bike, the bicycle tracker will send you a push notification in the Tail it app. The accelerometer will also be used to update location if someone steals your bike.

Long battery time
The GPS for bike has more than 5 weeks battery life on a single charge when in passive mode.  When someone touches your bicycle, the tracker will wake up and start sending locations. The tracker will notify you when it leaves and arrives at the places you insert in the application.

Live tracking
Another important feature of the bicycle tracker is the live tracking. It updates location every 5 seconds, so if someone steals your bike, you can follow their movements in real-time.